Sigurd Snørteland

Muligheter 2011

Source code and presentation from the session (WP7 Usability guidelines) I gave at the Microsoft event ‘Muligheter 2011’ last month.




TinyApps: Logo Kinect

Logo Kinect – use Xbox Kinect to fill your logo with colors.

Logo Kinect is a modified version of Kinect Paint.

Download the source code:

MSDN Live 2011

This blog post contains links to the WP7  example apps (busted & myChannel9), as well as links to more information relevant to the session I gave during this round of MSDN Live in Norway. Over the last two weeks the MSDN Live 2011 road-show have visited Stavanger, Bergen, Trondheim and Oslo

Download the slides:


Download the source code:


Download the source code:

Useful links:

viu² vant prisen for beste bidrag i Microsoft’s Azurekonkurranse

PS: Etter at Windows Azure ble en betalingstjeneste er desverre ikke denne løsningen lenger tilgjengelig online.