Sigurd Snørteland

viu² touch – one of the norwegian wp7 app contest winners

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viu² touch is a WP7 based version of my silverlight mediacenter app viu² (
More information about viu² touch will be published soon!!


One of the norwegian wp7 app contest winners

New blog post: ‘How I made the ‘myChannel9′ wp7 app (source code included) – Part 1’

Windows Phone Developer Community announced, together with Microsoft Norway, the Norwegian WP7 app contest back in June this year. I participated in the contest with two applications: wallstreet & myChannel9. The results were announced at the Windows Phone Developer Community meetup last week, and I was one of three lucky winners with my ‘myChannel9’ app. The two other winners are Einar Ingebrigsten and Ronny Gydar.

You can also read an article at about the meetup were the winners was announced.

viu² vant prisen for beste bidrag i Microsoft’s Azurekonkurranse

PS: Etter at Windows Azure ble en betalingstjeneste er desverre ikke denne løsningen lenger tilgjengelig online.