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apps portal – a silverlight based app store

apps portal is a silverlight 5 (out-of-browser) application that allows users to browse and 1-click install other silverlight apps from an internal marketplace.

apps portal, and all apps inside the marketplace, are hosted on Windows Azure.

Inside apps portal users are also able to submit their own silverlight apps  to the marketplace.

All apps inside the marketplace are free of charge.


More information and source code will be published soon!!



TinyApps: SilverCam

Out-of-browser webcam app with ‘on top’ support.

Go to the bottom of this article to find a link to the source code.

TinyApps: SilverlightTinyMCE

SilverlightTinyMCE is a Silverlight app with a ”TinyMCE’ editor embedded into it. You can both read and write to the TinyMCE editor from Silverlight.

TinyMCE is a platform independent web based Javascript HTML WYSIWYG editor control released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB.

Go to the bottom of this article to find a link to the source code.

viu² released on Codeplex

My silverlight based mediacenter app, viu², has now been released on Codeplex (

Features & technology:
» youtube music videos (google.gdata api)
» music & artist info integrated ( api)
» silverlight out-of-browser support
» podcast
» radio & tv stream
» “toast” notifications
» webbrowser control
» isolated storage
» “screen saver”
» pop chart (yahoo api)

Click here for more info, sample code, etc

Out-of-browser version

Click here to view a video of the application

WP7 samples (coverflow, solitarie, weather,clock) upgraded to RTM

Microsoft has now released the final, RTM (“release to manufacturing”) version of its Windows Phone 7 developer tools.

I have started to upgrade all my WP7 apps and I’m done with the wp7 sampes from this blog post. Go to the bottom off this page to find links to the source code.

Source code: