Sigurd Snørteland

iPhone styled WP7 apps

Tab Bar Navigation

Download the source code:

Page Scrolling Navigation

Download the source code:

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  1. * Håkan Reis says:

    I strongly urge people not to create iPhone application on Windows Phone. It will confuse user with Interaction design patterns that are suitable for the platform.

    Focus on understanding and extending the current design language on the platform instead of bringing over design languages from other platforms. If you add tabs to a WP7, the it should be done in a way that embraces metro design not mimicking iPhone.

    This is actually a reason why a lot of android applications are confusing: Its just ports from iPhone. They make no use on the centralized menu system or the presence of a back button. Instead it clutters the interface with extra menus and buttons, because that’s how it’s done on iPhone

    | Reply Posted 5 years ago

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