Sigurd Snørteland

WP7 application tiles

When I saw WP7 for the first time I was very impressed with the application tiles and I looked forward to use them in my own applications. But now, after working with the wp7 developer tools for some time, I understand that the possibilities for customization of application titles are very limited. An application can update the background image of its tile with ShellTileSchedule, and the background image, counter, and title of its tile using push notifications . More elaborate animations are reserved to native tiles

But after some searching I at least found out that you can change the tile to a double width one by changing “TemplateType5” in “Properties\WMAppManifest.xml” to “TemplateType6”.

Normal application title

Full width application title

I think double width application tiles is interesting, but be aware of this comment, by Steve ‘Sly’ Williams, that I found on the windows phone forum:

“Double-width tiles are restricted to Microsoft apps. Your manifest file is rewritten during the submission process, so it will most likely reset the template type back to 5. Your app is also inspected for APIs that it uses. If it is found to use APIs that it is not supposed to, it will most likely be rejected from the Marketplace.”


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